Sugar Rush: Fennel Scone from Las Delicias Bakery

Sugar Rush: Fennel Scone from Las Delicias Bakery

In the last few summers, New York’s greenmarkets have exploded in popularity. And in addition to the farms selling fresh produce, a number of excellent bakeries have become regular attendees. I recently wrote aboutHot Bread Kitchen, but another fast-growing bakery to check out is Las Delicias.

Las Delicias Bakery has been at the Columbus Avenue and Union Square greenmarkets for a few years, selling both standard and gluten-free baked goods. Their fennel scone is a pleasant departure from most of the other scones sold at the greenmarkets, which can often be monstrous bread bombs that are low on flavor. Not this one. It may be big, but the delicate outside crust is covered in baked fennel seeds. They don’t overpower, but they provide a pleasant background flavor.

The outer layer crumbles away nicely after a bite, or when sliced in half. The inside is fresh with the aroma of butter.

Pick up some in-season strawberry preservers from Berkshire Berries who also attend the greenmarket.

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