Our sought-after gluten-free line sets a mouthwatering new standard for wheatless baking. No more grainy textures or weird aftertastes!

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    All of our exquisite gluten-free baked goods are kosher certified. We offer both Dairy and Parve options. Kosher certificate in the bottom menu.

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    Everything we make is vegetarian, so you can indulge guilt -free and cruelty-free.


    We work with local farmers and the Greenmartket community to source the finest local ingredients.

Dairy Treats

Breads and Babkas

This is Us...

Las Delicias Patisserie is a boutique artisanal bakery producing high-end gluten free pastries baked with the finest locally-sourced ingredients. 

I started baking gluten-free back in 2002 when my husband was diagnosed with a severe case of celiac. I started experimenting with different mixes to achieve the perfect balance of flavor & textures.

I have created a unique way to bake gluten-free which mimics the properties of gluten, without gluten.

We can twist, braid, form pastries with almost a magical touch.

I invite you to enjoy gluten-free like never before...

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