Spinach Tart | Large 8"

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Flaky, buttery crust is just the starting point in this delicious tart, which is filled with deliciously savory combination of fresh spinach, sweet onions, local milk and butter, and a touch of Parmesan. All of Las Delicias’ tarts go heavy on the vegetables and not the filler, so they’re each satisfying and nutritious. Diameter: 8″ –  Height 2″  – Serves 10-12 people.

Ingredients: Spinach, onions, local all purpose flour (wheat), local unsalted butter (milk), canola oil, local eggs (egg), parmesan cheese (milk), heavy cream (milk), filtered water, milk (milk), cornstarch, sea salt, pure cane sugar, ground garlic, ground nutmeg, ground white pepper

Allergens: Eggs, milk and wheat.

Kosher Dairy