Las Delicias Patisserie Pastries Story


Every pastry tells a story, captures an emotion

and evokes a memory

I grew up cooking and baking with my mother, her kitchen a place of endless possibilities. I chose the name as a reminder of magical childhood summers on Avenue Las Delicias in Punta Del Este. When I create a recipe, I go back to that time and place were everything was possible.


Food conveys stories and culture. Food takes you back to that moment when you were a child, and makes that memory, that experience, accessible. I use each pastry to form a silent dialogue with my customers. I know I’ve succeeded when my pastries take customers back to the special place of their own past.

Share stories and create new memories with exquisite

Las Delicias Patisserie baked goods


Sophisticated pastries with a conscience

Las Delicias Patisserie infuses traditional pastries with luxury and imagination. Whether crafting cannelés or putting a sophisticated twist on challah, we reimagine classics to transcend culinary limits. We don’t believe in dietary “restrictions.”

Our gluten-free line amazes customers with pastries that actually taste as good as they look. We’re a proud member of Greenmarket, whose exacting standards connect NYC customers with sustainably produced food from local family farms.

All of our products are vegetarian and kosher. And we’ve got a wide range of breads and pastries baked without nuts, dairy, soy, artificial flavors or GMO ingredients.  Find out how we’re redefining specialty baking.

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